June 2006

There has been an E. coli bacteria outbreak at a day care center in Macon County, where two toddlers have been admitted to an area hospital as a result. Eight other children are recovering.

The Health Department has begun investigating the outbreak, according to Nashville’s News Channel 5.

Investigators have said that they believe one

Vandalism that occurred the night before at Midland’s Plymouth Pool has some parents concerned that E. coli might have made their children sick.

City Parks and Services Director Marty McGuire said that at about 5 a.m. that morning, pool employees discovered human feces in the water. The discovery shut down the pool in the morning

When it comes to eating our greens, many Americans are willing to pay the extra cost of buying the ready to use bagged salads for the sake of convenience and because it is believed they do not need to be washed before serving.

But Emily Jones of the Starkville Daily News warns shoppers that those

Sales of unpasteurized milk are illegal in Ohio; producers caught distributing to the public face criminal charges and can lose their licenses as well as their livelihood.

But there’s a bigger reason why regulators and researchers urge raw milk drinkers to reconsider: Consuming unpasteurized milk can be dangerous to your health.

Even milk going to

Though it’s illegal in Ohio to sell or distribute to consumers, federal and state agriculture officials are aware raw milk is being used by farm families.

In Ohio, about 30 million pounds of the 4.5 billion pounds of milk produced last year was used on farms, including 25 million pounds fed to calves and 5