The Almanac did an article yesterday on our firm’s lawsuit against Sodexho on behalf of Sarah Ish, one of 10 residents of The Sequoias hospitalized for E. coli during the two-week outbreak. Her suit was filed September 23 in San Mateo County Superior Court.
From the article:

Mr. Marler, who handles many cases related to food-borne illnesses, is also representing the sons of Alice McWalter, an 85-year-old resident of The Sequoias who died October 26 after contracting E. coli. The sons sued Sodexho in February, and the case is pending.
Both suits are seeking an unspecified amount of damages, including compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering.
Sodexho spokesperson Stacy Bowman-Hade said officials at her company believe that both Sodexho and The Sequoias are “completely innocent and were not responsible for the death or injury of Alice McWalter or Sarah Ish.”