There is now a sixth family suing AgVenture Petting Zoos for causing their children to fall ill to an infection of E. coli. Laurel Oliver’s two children, Grant, 4, and Veronica, 6, played in the petting zoo provided by AgVenture at the Central Florida Fair.

On WFTV News, Oliver said, “As a mother, my nightmare is my child can’t take antibiotics. We’re living in a bubble for 30 days, have cancelled our plans with our family and, secondly, we have a time bomb we’re sitting on. I don’t know if my children will be on dialysis.”

Ag-Venture says signs were posted at the petting zoos communicating the importance of hand washing after touching the animals, but the signs never mentioned potentially deadly infection.
The family says they were never warned that the animals carried a potentially deadly strain of E. coli. The kids are recovering, but don’t know yet whether they’ll contract the potentially deadly Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS).