Westlake Village, Calif.-based food giant Dole Food Co. Inc. has been named as a defendant, along with Natural Selection Foods, in five cases filed by people who contracted an E. coli infection allegedly after eating the companies’ bagged spinach.

The latest outbreak, which began last month, has killed one person and sickened 183 in 26 states. Of the 95 people hospitalized, 29 have a kidney failure condition called hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Dole settled more than four cases earlier this year, reports the National Law Journal,  brought by people who also became ill with E. coli infections in an outbreak last year tied to the company’s bagged lettuce.

Dole settled four lettuce cases, three in Minnesota and one in Oregon, in May and June, without disclosing the terms of the resolutions and binding the parties to confidentiality agreements.