Chris Cline of the Daily Journal reports that wo-year-old Emilie Allen remains on dialysis in a St. Louis hospital after nearly a month since she was diagnosed with a strain of E. coli 0157:H7. The 2-year-old Bonne Terre girl is believed to have contracted the strain of bacteria on or around Sept. 18.
Emilie’s mother Valerie (Pinkston) Allen said her daughter is now on dialysis 16 hours a day compared to around the clock.
From the article:

“She has started to get a few wet diapers,” said Allen. “By Thursday we are hoping to know if Emilie is going to have to continue with dialysis. She still isn’t eating on her own yet. She drinks in the morning, but then she turns right around and vomits.”
The St. Francois County Health Department conducted routine inspections at two local restaurants on Oct. 4 in an attempt to identify where the strain of E. coli originated that infected the 2-year-old Bonne Terre girl.