A spokesman for Kroger Stores in Ohio tonight is confirming one of their outlets sold meat that the Ohio Health Department found contaminated with E. coli. 

The Kroger spokesman told NBC 4 in Columbus that the grocery store chain is working with its suppliers to track down the origin of the bad meat.

Discovery of the E coli comes as central Ohio health departments continue to investigate an increased number of E. coli cases.  Fifteen Central Ohio cases of E. coli have been matched by DNA testing, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

According to NBC 4:

Local health officials were notified by the Ohio Department of Health that a ground-beef sample submitted by the Franklin County Board of Health has tested positive for E. coli.

That announcement was made Tuesday afternoon.

The testing was conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture Laboratory. Further DNA testing is currently pending at the Ohio Department of Health Laboratory to determine if there is a match to the human cases in Ohio.

The NBC 4 story can be found here.