E. coli O145As many as 50 people are now sickened by E. coli O145 in an outbreak linked to Ohio, Michigan and New York. There are 18 lab-confirmed cases of E. coli O145 in the three states, and 32 people whose illnesses are thought to be related to the outbreak, but whose stool tests are still pending.

The Michigan E. coli O145 cases have occurred in Washtenaw County, which includes Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan, and the Ohio part of the outbreak has been confined to Columbus at The Ohio State. New York cases are linked to the E. coli O145 outbreak in Michigan and Ohio.  The New York cases appear to be college students attending Daemen College in Buffalo, New York. It is thought that as many as 11 people at Daemen College, or in the general area, have been sickened with E. coli O145 in the outbreak.

Never hear of E. coli O145 before? – click our Petition to the FSIS to see why not. And, we have found E. coli O145 in hamburger – "PREVALENCE OF NON-O157 ENTEROHAEMMORRHAGIC ESCHERICHIA COLI IN RETAIL GROUND BEEF IN THE UNITED STATES," but it is still to early to say if this outbreak is hamburger or some leafy green – like lettuce.  Time will tell.