IMG_1470.jpgJim Tuttle of the Public Opinion of Chambersburg Pennsylvania reports that 3-year-old Mercersburg girl has reportedly been hospitalized since Wednesday, suffering from the effects of an apparent E. coli infection and a 12-year-old Chambersburg boy is now recovering from his own battle with the bacteria, having spent his birthday in the hospital.

They represent two of several recent cases linked to a specific strain of the bacteria, which is rumored to have come from the lake at nearby Cowans Gap State Park.

Officials are still investigating the source, and connections to the park remain unverified.

“There’s a very active joint effort to try and pinpoint the source of these young people becoming ill,” said Terry Brady, a spokesperson with the state’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

As of Monday, the 42-acre lake at Cowans Gap remained open for swimming. While the water is typically tested twice weekly for bacteria, testing is now being done three times a week, according to Brady,

“The state park is open, the beaches are open and actually there was a good turnout today,” he said. “A link to the park has not been established.”