Health officials are interviewing patrons and food-workers to determine which foods served at the restaurant between October 12 and October 18 were associated with an E. coli outbreak that has happened at McGrath’s Fish House in Bend, Indiana.
E. coli can cause severe stomach cramping, followed by diarrhea, which can become grossly bloody. There is also a risk of the E. coli infection to turn into Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, a complication that can lead to kidney failure.
It’s important for restaurant operators, in addition to health officials, to be aware of the number of E. coli outbreaks and illnesses occurring around the country for possible connections to the Bend outbreak.
Recent E. coli outbreaks in other states have been traced to contaminated ground beef and prepackaged lettuce. One Oregon resident has been tied to the Dole lettuce outbreak that has primarily hit Minnesota.