We wish we could say that a story today by The Courier-Journal makes us feel warm and fuzzy.  Its about the soon-to-be forthcoming report from the State of Indiana on the last fall’s E. coli outbreak at the Galena Elementary School in Floyd County.

The Louisville, KY newspaper says:

Indiana health officials have concluded that the E. coli outbreak in Floyd County last fall resulted in 15 confirmed or probable cases and that it likely began with one child who had environmental contact with the bacteria.

The Galena Elementary School outbreak was unusual because so many of the cases resulted in serious kidney damages.  If as reported, Indiana health officials are going to put the outbreak on one unknown child, it will be disappointing.

The Courier Journal says:

According to the findings in the state report, one Galena Elementary School student—which one could not be determined—inadvertently brought the infection into the Floyds Knobs school, perhaps after contact with a cow or goat.

Those animals are reservoirs for the bacteria but don’t display symptoms of the illness. The E. coli was then spread by contact within the school or with siblings of infected students

The Courier Journal is relying upon Tom Harris, Floyd County health officer, for the tip that the report will be made public soon.   The story can be found here.