Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 9.13.41 PM.pngNot a goal for the restaurant I would imagine.

The newest food safety infosheet, a graphical one-page food safety-related story directed at food businesses, is now available for download.
Food Safety Infosheet Highlights:

5 confirmed cases (including 2 hospitalizations), 11 suspected; linked to Killeen, TX Jason’s Deli location
- The Bell County Health Department figures the source of the illnesses was guacamole, probably due to cross-contamination in the kitchen.
- Clean and sanitize all surfaces (cutting boards, counters) between raw and ready-to-eat food preparation.

Food safety infosheets are created weekly and are posted in restaurants, retail stores, on farms and used in training throughout the world. If you have any infosheet topic requests, or photos, please contact Ben Chapman at

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