With the Michigan State Health Department linking Kroger ground beef to many of the illnesses in Michigan (which have also been linked to illnesses in Ohio), Kroger must recall all possibly contaminated ground beef said Seattle food safety attorney William D. Marler.

In 2007 companies voluntarily recalled ground beef products 21 times. The amount of recalled meat was more than 33 million pounds. The goal of a recall is to get the contaminated meat out of people’s homes, especially freezers. According to Marler, with nearly 50 people sickened in Ohio and Michigan E. coli outbreaks, it is irresponsible for a company like Kroger to not recall all potentially contaminated ground beef sold through their stores.

"Frankly, Kroger should recall the ground beef first and foremost for the safety of its customers, but also for self-preservation. If people become ill after Kroger could have recalled its ground beef products, it is exposing itself to a claim for punitive damages for having consciously ignored a known health risk to its customers," said Marler.