This Notice has been updated to include one additional case of E.coli O157:H7 in British Columbia and to indicate the closing of the investigation.

Since our last update, one additional case has been reported in British Columbia as part of this investigation. This is not a recent case; the individual became ill in late September. In total, 28 cases were reported as part of this outbreak. Collaborative investigation efforts by provincial and federal health authorities and food regulatory partners confirmed that certain unpasteurised cheese products manufactured by Gort’s Gouda Cheese Farm in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, were identified as the source of the illnesses.

Given no new cases have occurred since the end of September, this outbreak appears to be over. The outbreak investigation is now closed.

For a list of affected cheese products, check the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s website. Do not eat any of the recalled product. Check your refrigerator and if you have any of the recalled product in your home, return it to the point of purchase or throw it out.

The Public Health Agency of Canada, in collaboration with provincial/territorial partners, will continue to monitor for and investigate any new cases of E. coli that may be related to this outbreak as part of its routine surveillance activities.

A total of 28 cases of illness were reported as part of this outbreak; 13 in British Columbia, 10 in Alberta, 2 in Saskatchewan, 2 in Manitoba and 1 in Quebec. More information about the epidemiological investigation is also available.

More information about products that have been recalled and how the investigation has unfolded is available on the CFIA website.