A Tulsa area girl is fighting a strain of E. coli poisoning at a Tulsa-area hospital.

More than two weeks ago, 8-year-old Cady Daugherty fell ill and her father says since then she was placed on a ventilator and is now undergoing dialysis. “She’s a fighter,” said Larry Daugherty. “She’s just been incredible with this.”

Larry believes his daughter contracted the bacteria at a Tulsa-area restaurant and he says the Tulsa Health Department is investigating. He did not comment on which restaurant may be responsible.

With many people, nationwide, preparing for the Labor Day holiday, Larry is hoping his daughter’s story will prompt everyone to take extra precaution when preparing meat. “Any time that a child is sick, and you hear this all the time on the news, it’s excruciating. It breaks your heart,” he said.

Cady is expected to remain in the intensive care unit for at least two more weeks. Larry is optimistic for her recovery. “It’s her against the E. coli,” he said. “She’s doing a heck of a job.”