The laboratory analysis of food samples taken from the Country Cottage restaurant found no disease-causing pathogens, the Oklahoma State Health Department (OSHD) announced today.  Earlier, no disease-causing pathogens were found in either the well water available for use at the Country Cottage nor the Locust Grove public water.  Nor was anything found on the counters or other surfaces at the Country Cottage.

So, there is an unsolved mystery in Locust Grove, OK.  Today’s OSHD update also said:

"…its investigation of the E. coli 0111 outbreak in northeastern Oklahoma has now confirmed at least 248 persons have become ill. Of that number, 202 were adults and 46 were children. One person has died.

At least 64 persons have been hospitalized including 16 who have received dialysis treatment. Of that number, nine were children and seven were adults.

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