We are beginning to wonder if the number and seriousness  of E. coli 0157:H7 has become so routine  that its like background music.  

The North Bay, Ontario outbreak has  reached 159 confirmed and suspected cases, say Canadian health officials.  South of the border, there are 10 more 0157:H7 victims in Vermont, where Vermont Livestock, Slaughter and Processing Co. has recalled of 2,758 pounds of ground beef due to the fact that they may be contaminated with E. coli.

Across the country north of Seattle, health officials in Snohomish County say they are investigating at least six cases of E. coli poisoning.

Some of the anger that is common with E. coli victims was documented by The Canadian Press.  It reports:

Twenty-year-old student Kelly Fortier says she’s angry her life has been put on hold since eating two weeks ago at a local Harvey’s restaurant linked to the outbreak.

She suffered terrible cramps and bloody diarrhea and was hospitalized for four days, and she still can’t go to school or work.

"I’m still in isolation – I can’t go anywhere," Fortier said.

"I have other things to do, which I can’t do. I was upset when I was in hospital, because I thought I was dying. But mainly I’m just angry."