North Carolina state fair ecoliThe Raleigh News-Observer reported today on three sick children, all of whom visited the State Fair petting zoo. The three Orange County children have been added to the list of those sickened by an E. coli infection linked to the N.C. State Fair.
In addition to the three confirmed cases, the county lab is testing 13 other children who may have been infected and expects to have results by the end of the week. Two of the suspected cases are thought to be secondary infections spread among siblings within households, health officials said.
All three Orange County children with confirmed infections — one elementary school student and two preschool children — visited the petting zoo at the fair, said Judy Butler, a Health Department nurse. All three became ill within a few days.
State health officials announced Monday that they have collected enough information to identify the State Fair as the source of the E. coli outbreak but have not yet identified a specific exhibit or food vendor. State officials think the outbreak has sickened as many as 112 people statewide.