Infection from E. coli 0157:H7 has now been confirmed in four people from three families in Wrexham, England who made the mistake of dining at the Llay Fish Bar.

E. coli 0157:H7 put 32-year old Karen Morrisroe-Clutton on life support and meant renal failure for three-year old Abigail Hennessey.

The two others who became ill did not require hospitalization. Both Karen, in hospital,  and Abigail, just released, are said to be recovering.

Professor Hugh Pennington, who authored reports following outbreaks of E.coli, in Scotland, in 1996, and in South Wales in 2005, told the Western Mail newspaper: “It’s almost ‘Here we go again’.”

Professor Pennington said he hoped his last report on the outbreak in South Wales that killed five-year-old Mason Jones would reduce the incidence of E.coli.

The Llay Fish Bar was closed after the latest outbreak.  In August 2008, it got the lowest score possible in a health inspection, but did just enough to remain in business. 

The entire Western Mail interview with Professor Pennington is in Wales Online.