Beth Burnett at KJRH-TV 2 in Tulsa appears to be digging into that area’s E. coli outbreak, finding that the ill-fated Country Cottage restaurant has a long history of negative inspections by local health authorities.   The popular Locust Grove, OK restaurant racked up a staggering 88 health violations in the last four years.  

Burnett also reports:

  • The state health department reports a restaurant suspected of causing an E-eoli outbreak, has officially been linked to the cause.
  • Meanwhile, one man who died from the illness has been laid to rest.
  • Most of the ill report eating at the Country Cottage restaurant in Locust Grove.
  • Health department officials say they do not believe the contamination came from an outside food source.
  • In fact, they say the mistake could have been as simple as placing two different kinds of food too close together.

As we understand it, the Country Cottage was a buffet style restaurant, so placing "two different kinds of food too close together’ would have been standard practice.  For the rest of 2’s story, go here.