With this report out of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, there are two questions that need answers. First, can DEQ be specific about the strain of E. coli? And, second, can DEQ provide a map of the locations with positive results. We will explain more below. Here’s the news:
DEQ says 59 of 74 private water wells tested in Locust Grove are positive for E coli bacteria. A rare strain of E. coli, known as 0111, killed one man and made hundreds sick after eating at the Country Cottage restaurant in Locust Grove last summer.
So, if DEQ has found the rare E. coli 0111 strain, it would amount to a "smoking gun." Further, if the locations that have tested positive are linked to the same underground water source the Country Cottage’s own private well, then things really have gotten interesting.
Memo to poultry producers: you may want to back off on the comments about these tests being politically motivated by an ambitious Attorney General. For more about today’s findings, go here.