A ConsumerMan report on MSNBC points to the fact that some infected individuals are still in the hospital, including Marler-Clark client Suzanne Bandy of Ramsey, Illinois.

The article raises the question about who is accountable for the outbreak – is it the spinach famers? Is it government agencies? Who had the most ability to prevent the article in the first place? The ConsumerMan quotes Jean Holleran, a spokeswoman at Consumers Union, who said she tells individuals with a weakened immune system “to consider just eating cooked vegetables,” since we cannot guarantee the safety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The article draws attention to the responsibilities of different organizations throughout the food chain. The bottom line, the article says, is that if consumers must be encouraged to eat only cooked produce there is a problem with the food safety system.

While farmers across the country have been hurt financially by this outbreak, the impacts of E. coli can last for longer than days, weeks, or months – but for lifetimes of the victims.