Jim Goeser, owner of Jim’s Market and Locker Inc., tells the Associated Press that the federal government has needlessly requested that he recall 5,200 pounds of meat that he claims is safe and has likely already been consumed by thousands of people across seven states.

The products subject to recall include:

•    10-pound boxes of “Packed for: Davis Mountain Organic Beef, 100% Certified Organic 3-1 Beef Patties”
•    5-pound packages of “Davis Mountains 100% Organic Beef. Lean Ground Beef 90/10″
•    1-pound packages of “Master Choice 100% Organic Angus Beef, 90/10 Ground Beef”
•    1-pound packages of “Davis Mountains 100% Certified Organic Ground Beef”
•    10.5-pounds boxes of “Nebraska, Beef Ground Beef Patty 6oz”
•    60-pound boxes of “Specially Selected For: Farner-Bocken Food Service Beef Pattie Mix 6/10″
•    1-pound packages of “Packed for: Irwin Country Store, Beef Ground Beef 16 oz”
•    1-pound blocks of “Packed for: Irwin Country Store, Beef Ground Beef Patties 4-1″
•    10-pound boxes of “Distributed by: Stube Ranch, Wagyu Beef, Beef Ground Beef Patties, 8 oz Patties”