Bill Marler, writing on the Marler Blog, earlier today not only had the worldwide exclusive on the beef recall connected to the Northern Virginia Boy Scout camp, but he has also declared an "E coli crisis" in America.

Bill reported the recall in: S&S Foods LLC of California Linked to Boy Scout E. coli O157:H7 Cases.

And then in I call on Congress, the CDC, FSIS, Local and State Departments of Health, the Beef Industry, Retailers, Consumer Groups and University Experts to Summit on this E. coli Crisis

Bill asks:

What will it take to get someone to do something to fix a food safety system in the beef industry that is clearly broken?  More illnesses and deaths?  Grandma’s in ICU’s in Georgia and sick Boy Scouts not enough?  What will it take?  One thing for certain, the only person to benefit from this is me!  We have never had more E. coli cases linked to contaminated beef in our office since the Jack in the Box outbreak of 1993.  And, I thought the meat industry did not like me.

The Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS) new release on the recall of the meat that poisoned the Boy Scouts can be found here.

The Washington Post story on the Boy Scout recall is here.