Canada has issued a border-to-border  "Health Hazard Alert" over ground beef that may be contaminated with E coli O157:H7.

This  "Health Hazard Alert" in Canada is pretty much like a recall in the United States, except there isn’t much focus on returning the product nor on how much meat is actually involved.  Still, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in both English and French is saying: "Do not consume this ground beef!" – "Ne pas manger cette viande hachée!"

The frozen ground beef involved is Belmont Meat Products Ltd. distributed by Costco Wholesale in Ontario and Steakhouse Beef Burgers distributed across Canada by M&M Meat Shops.

Costco sells 10 pound restaurant Packs from Belmont Meat stamped with the number 853629 and M&M Meat Shops sell the Steakhouse Beef Burgers in 2.25 pound packages marked with PLU #188.

Some fresh ground beef was sold at three local markets in Ontario between March 13 and 21, 2008 might have also been contaminated.

No illnesses have yet been connected to Canada’s E. coli Alert.