The Daily Gleaner of Fredericton, New Brunswick reported on yet another E. coli outbreak linked to salads prepared at a Wendy’s.

Public Health Services is following four confirmed cases of E. coli believed to be linked to people who ate at the Wendy’s Restaurant on Prospect Street.

"Public Health advises those who ate at the restaurant before Tuesday, Oct. 27, seek medical attention if they experience symptoms of gastro-intestinal illness, such as severe cramps, diarrhea (may be bloody and watery), abdominal pain and vomiting," Dr. Cristin Muecke, regional medical officer of health for the Fredericton area, said in a news release

The cases of E. coli 0157:H7 are believed to be linked to salads prepared and served at the Prospect Street restaurant. There’s no evidence to suggest a public health concern at other restaurant locations. Public Health Services is continuing its investigation into the matter.

The restaurant has implemented control measures to help minimize any risks and has been inspected. The restaurant is co-operating with Public Health Services and, at this time, Public Health officials don’t have any concerns with the restaurant remaining open.

Muecke said anyone experiencing symptoms should follow good hygiene practices, such as washing their hands thoroughly. They should avoid contact with persons who may be particularly susceptible, including the very young, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

So, who made the lettuce?