Russell Jackson of The Scotsman reports that the Food Standards Agency issued an urgent Food Alert about Camembert and Coulommiers cheese and Le Gaslonde unpasteurised butter because of possible contamination with a potentially lethal strain of E coli food poisoning.
The dairy products subject to recall are made in France by Laiterie Fromagerie du Val d’Ay-Etablissement Reaux.
The Camembert and Coulommiers cheeses being recalled are sold under the following brand names:
• Reo
• Reaux
• Laiterie du Val d’Ay
• Le Gaslonde
Le Gaslonde unpasteurised butter is being withdrawn for the same reason.
The raw milk products are thought to be imported directly into the UK and sold in a variety of retail outlets, possibly including farmer’s markets and food fairs. Some of the cheeses may have been sold for slicing at delicatessens or specialist cheesemongers.