Sysco Seattle Inc. is recalling approximately 16,800 pounds of ground beef patties distributed to restaurants in Colorado, Arizona, Texas and Washington because of possible E. coli contamination according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

The producer, New Food Classics of Burlington, Ontario, notified Sysco Seattle of the possible contamination earlier this month.

The following products are subject to recall:

•10 lb. boxes of PRIME RIB BEEF PATTIES 8 oz, with product code 55317, and production code 11 NO 22.

•10 lb. boxes of PRIME RIB BEEF PATTIES 71g, with product code 55391 and bearing a production code of 11 SE 01 or 12 JA 04.

  • Sandra Vetter

    My husband and I ate hamburgers at TGI Friday in Auroa CO on 3/21/2012 at noon and by midnite we were both violently ill, with vomiting, diarreha, fever, severe body and muscle pain. We were unable to get out of bed until 5:30pm on 03/22 , except to use the bathroom. By Sat I was feeling better, but my husband was very dehydrated and ill until Sun. Unknown if this resturant uses Sysco as a suppler. We did talk to a nurse advisor from our insurance co. on 03/04 and she suggested we indeed had some type of food poisoning.

  • Hal Balsley

    What you say about TGI Friday’s from my experiences is pretty typical. Don’t eat the meat unless you tell them to “burn it” and you may still feel a little ill afterwards. The best recommendation is to stear clear of TGI Friday’s altogether.