KOMO 4 reported yesterday that two children remain hospitalized while E. coli attacks their kidneys. The third child is recovering at home. Local health experts are working hard right now trying to pinpoint the source of what appears to be three cases of E. coli bacteria poisoning in Pierce County.
Jena Richardson, 15, has been hospitalized since Friday. Since then, her condition has deteriorated. The E. coli is now attacking her kidneys, a serious sign. There is no antibiotic, no medicine that will cure this. For parents, it’s hell to watch.
Brydan Martinez, 2, was admitted to the hospital one week ago. He went four days with 103 degree fever, and the E. coli is also affecting his kidneys. Brydan’s older brother was also hospitalized, but he’s recovered.
With the other two children it’s a day by day, hour by hour, situation.
Both families believe their children got sick after eating hamburgers grilled at home. The health department is looking for the source. Finding the source quickly and warning others is critical because this disease can be deadly.
Both children are still in serious condition. The markers doctors watch for are still spiraling downward, however not as quickly as they were initially so that is somewhat of a good sign.
Our state averages about 200 cases of E. coli each year. The cases spike during the summer, mainly because of the increased number of people cooking outdoors.
E. coli is most often traced to hamburger that’s not cooked well enough, as well as sprouts, lettuce, salami and unpasteurized milk or juice.