The e coli-tained lettuce that Taco Johns served to its customers in 2006 continues to be thrown about like a hot potato among those who were involved.   Taco Johns sued Bix Produce , Roma, Pacific Marketing and the Wegis Family Limited Partnership in federal court.

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader yesterday (Jan. 31) reported that the St. Paul-based Bix Produce has asked a federal judge to dismiss it from the litigation. The A-L report said:

Bix’s motion to dismiss filed Wednesday describes the allegations publicly for the first time. It says the Taco John’s corporations are suing because they lost business due to “negative media publicity surrounding an E. coli outbreak at certain Taco John’s restaurants in Iowa and Minnesota.”

The suit asked that a jury award $5 million in damages.
Taco John’s dropped Bix as a supplier in 2006 after contaminated
lettuce showed up at restaurants in Albert Lea and Austin, Minn. and Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa.

You can get the A-L story here.