Bill Scanlon at the Rocky Mountain News this morning is reporting with some detail on the Colorado 3-year old who died Friday of E coli O17:H7.   According to The Rocky:


The Aurora day-care facility attended by a 3-year-old who died Friday of an E. coli bacteria infection was unlicensed, so it was never inspected on how it handled food or changed diapers, health officials said Tuesday.

Twenty-one other youngsters attended the same private home day-care center as the child who died of kidney failure from complications of the bacteria, said Dr. Richard Vogt, executive director of the Tri-County Health Department.

"We’re working to test those 21 kids as we speak," Vogt said Tuesday.

While it will take a few days to get the test results back, he said a few of the kids have mild gastrointestinal upset, Vogt said.

By being unlicensed, the day care business escapes the annual inspection required by the State of Colorado.   For more, go here.