E. coli cases have sprung up across the nation in recent weeks. Some of these cases have been traced back to the millions of pounds of ground beef that have been recalled by Cargill and Topps, but in other cases a source has not been identified.

Of recent news reported:

  • Two North Carolina children became ill with E. coli infections after eating hamburgers produced by Cargill.  The children have since recovered from their E. coli infections, and Cargill recalled 840,000 pounds of ground beef patties sold at Sam’s Club and other stores.
  • J&B Meats Corporation recalled 173,000 pounds of ground beef.
  • Public health officials have been so far unable to determine the source of an E. coli outbreak at an elementary school in southern Indiana where ten children became ill with E. coli infections. At least one child is still hospitalized with hemolytic uremic syndrome.
  • A Tennessee toddler has been hospitalized from eating an potentially E. coli-contaminated hamburger.  If her case is, in fact, tied to ground beef, her case may be related to three other E. coli cases in Knox County that have been confirmed part of the Cargill E. coli outbreak.