Public health officials in Hamilton, Ontario, are warning consumers against eating sprouts of all types, including mung bean, radish, and alfalfa, according to the Hamilton Spectator/Belleville Intelligencer.
The warning is in response to an on-going investigation which links bean sprouts produced by a Toronto company to outbreaks of salmonella and E. coli O157:H7 across Ontario. The sprouts have been recalled.
16 cases of food poisoning linked to the contaminated sprouts were reported in the city in the six-week period prior to the recall.
From the time of the recall until the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care deemed it safe, Hamilton’s health department banned mung bean sprouts completely in all city restaurants and grocery stores.
A new alert has been sent out since the Toronto company was still using seeds from the original recall to produce their beans. Hamilton has not issued a citywide ban this time, but is still warning residents of the potential hazards.