CBC news reports that visitors to agricultural fairs face health risks that can be prevented if organizers take simple steps to ensure their safety, says a national non-profit organization. Exposure to E. coli bacteria, according to the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions, is the largest health risk facing visitors.

It said it is especially a concern when young children are involved because they might pet farm animals and then use their hands immediately afterwards to eat.  The association is scheduled to hold a workshop on Friday in Charlottetown to educate organizers on how to protect consumers at such events as rural fairs, urban exhibitions and petting zoos.

Moore said organizers will be told that it is essential to set up handwashing stations and post signs that remind people to keep their hands clean. 

The workshop in P.E.I., one of five across Canada, is being held at the Charlottetown Hotel. Similar education sessions will be held in the B.C. communities of Westbank, Abbotsford, Saanichton and Prince George.