The grandfather of one of the children who suffered kidney failure in the Fife nursery E. coli outbreak has called for a public inquiry, accusing health officials of negligence which he says delayed the child’s treatment by up to 48 hours, reports The Scotsman.

Dr John Young said that the parents of 22-month-old Abigail Young did not receive a letter from NHS Fife telling families of the first E. coli case among children attending the Careshare nursery at Lauder College.

As a result, the parents did not know that the sickness and diarrhea their daughter was experiencing was due to something more serious.

Dr Young claimed the lack of communication led to a delay in the child being diagnosed with E. coli, and that the decision by NHS Fife officials to "play down the risk" of further infections was negligent.

So far four children, including Abigail, are being treated at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow for kidney failure. Four other children and an adult have been diagnosed with E coli infection. A further 27 people are described as possible cases.