Courtney Duquette wrote a strong letter to The Ontarion at the University of Guelph, regarding the actions of restaurant workers at the Grill House on the University campus.

She witnessed one worker use her bare hands to handle raw hamburger meat, and then, without washing her hands, handling the hamburger buns. The students were then given the assembled hamburger and sent on their way.

Duquette felt as though the restaurant worker had no understanding of the possibility of E. coli contamination that could have happened from handling the hamburger buns after touching raw meat.

She ends her letter, "In my opinion, I should not even have to be writing this letter. It is common sense… that one should wash one’s hands after having touched raw beef, or any other raw meat for that matter." She hopes that the University feels the same way, and keeps the health of their students and employees in mind.