The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that a family nearly evicted as a result of unforeseen medical expenses prompted by an E. coli infection now has a bank fund set up to help with their costs.
The Port Orange chapter of the global Friendship Force, affiliated with chapters in 60 countries around the world, started a fund to help Kimberley Kleinschmidt, a single mother whose two sons are now home recovering from the E. coli outbreak. Kleinschmidt has been out of work for weeks, tending to her children. The fund has been started at the Fifth Third Bank with $100.
Medicaid paid for the boys’ hospitalizations. But living expenses have been piling up for the single mother of three who has a daughter, Cynthia, 7.
An anonymous donor also came forward and paid the family’s back rent until Aug. 1. A local business paid for August’s rent.