Health experts warn that salads sold in bags may come with a potential risk, says the Daybreak Anchor.

The Centers for Disease Control tracked precut, prewashed lettuce that was contaminated with E. coli back to the Salinas Valley in California. Dole Foods recalled 250,000 bags of lettuce, but not before twenty-five other people got very sick in three states.

There have been at least nineteen outbreaks of this kind since 1995, including some from other brands. Over four hundred people have become seriously ill, two have died from e-coli poisoning.

While the government is rushing to figure out how the e-coli contaminates the lettuce, experts recommend keeping salads refrigerated and to carefully check expiration dates. E-coli can grow quickly in deteriorating greens.

And the most important tip, even though many of these bagged salads say they are pre-washed, the experts say you should wash them again.