The Gillette News-Record reported on the safety of fresh vegetables in a recent article. E. coli is a bacteria that grows in the intestinal tracts of most people and animals. The kind of E. coli that can be fatal and concerns medical professionals is Eshericha coli 0157:H7. It is found usually in contaminated water, and since most vegetables are irrigated, E. coli usually can cover the surface of most fresh produce.

The story’s author gives tips on keeping produce safe, such as:

  • Washing fresh produce.
  • Preventing cross contamination by using proper handwashing techniques.
  • Scrubbing fruits or vegetables while running them under the water.
  • Using a brush and bleach solution to scrub the rinds of melons with deep grooves or rough surfaces.
  • Washing leafy greens, discarding the top layer, and washing them again.
  • Storing fresh vegetables at temperatures of 40 degrees or below.