Drew Falkenstein of Marler Clark LLP in Seattle is representing 15 to 20 victims of the national spinach-based E. coli outbreak.

The suits, against Dole and Natural Selection Foods, include filings by Anna and Paul Zientek of Milwaukee, whose two children were hospitalized after eating spinach; and Gwyn Wellborn, a Salem, Ore., woman who became sick after eating Dole brand baby spinach.

114 people in 21 states who have been sickened since Aug. 23 in a deadly outbreak of E. coli that claimed the life of a Wisconsin woman. The cases include 18 cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome, which causes kidney failure, and 60 hospitalizations, the FDA announced Monday night.

Natural Selection Foods, who supplies greens to numerous companies, has recalled all of its spinach packaged in bags, either alone or blended with other salad greens. River Ranch Fresh Foods of Salinas, Calif., which investigators found had bought mixed greens from Natural Selection, issued a recall of three packaged salad mixes, Acheson says. The "spring mix" brands containing spinach are: Farmers Market, Hy-Vee and Fresh and Easy.