There are currently only six dairies that are licensed and regularly inspected to sell raw, unpasteurized milk, according to The Columbian. But with the recent E. coli outbreak stemming from raw milk provided by an unlicensed dairy, the law-abiding dairies are concerned that people will not be purchasing their product.
Dairy owners who are licensed, such as Lorrie Conway of Conway Farms, took necessary precautions to make sure that consumers were aware of the fact that they were indeed licensed, and outlined the procedures taken to ensure uncontaminated raw milk to consumers. Luckily, she did not see any drop in sales.
Under state regulations, raw milk must be chilled to 40 degrees within an hour of milking. Conway Family Farms keeps it a little cooler than that, just to be safe.
Currently, the Washington dairy farms licensed by the State Department of Agriculture to process and sell unpasteurized milk are:
• Our Lady of the Rock Monastery, Shaw Island.
• Grace Harbor Farms, Inc., Custer.
• Rainhaven, Duvall.
• Garden Home Farm, Mount Vernon.
• Conway Family Farm, Camas.
• Estrella Family Creamery, Montesano.