CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews interviewed Marler Clark client Lisa Brott, who became ill with an E. coli infection after eating E. coli-contaminated spinach in September, former USDA and FDA food safety official Michael Taylor, and Senator Dick Durbin for a story that aired tonight on the CBS Evening News. Notable comments included the following:

  • "There’s no one in charge in the federal food safety system."  – Michael Taylor
  • "The basic allocation has nothing to do with who’s getting sick, and it’s out of proportion to where the actual risks in the food supply." – Michael Taylor
  • "When you consider 75 million Americans with food-borne illnesses each year, I do believe a better, more modern, streamlined agency would reduce those numbers. And it means that more people would survive." – Senator Dick Durbin
  • "It’s outrageous so many people are poisoned by food.  A lot more has to be done, whatever it takes, to protect people’s health." – Lisa Brott