The For Kids Only Day Care and Nursery in Morris Park is facing a very important test on Wednesday. Department of Health officials will tour the facility Wednesday to make sure there are no traces of E. Coli present.
The owner of the For Kids Only Day Care and Nursery is confident about the tour. A team of outside lab technicians checked the entire business over the weekend and said there were no traces of E. Coli bacteria.
On Tuesday, 40 employees of the day care center came in on their day off for basic hygiene training from Department of Health officials. Employees were shown how to make sure children washed their hands after using the bathroom and how to have children take their shoes off for nap time. Employees were also reminded that they can only serve food with latex gloves.
If the day care center passes the Department of Health test, the center should be open on Thursday.
Three of the five children that recently tested positive for E. Coli attended the For Kids Only Day Care and Nursery .