The Produce Marketing Association is making efforts to increase consumer confidence in what was previously a popular supermarket purchase – bagged spinach. The industry group is encouraging consumers to trust spinach growers and distributors to supply E. coli-free spinach to restaurants and grocery stores across the country.

In a letter, the Produce Marketing Association stated:

“While our members continually invest millions of dollars annually to analyze and enhance existing food safety systems, we have pledged to do more. With that in mind, the produce industry associations have pledged to learn everything we can from this outbreak and work together, as one industry, to enhance the steps already in place to safeguard the public health.

The produce industry will never forget that the greatest impact, and the one that must be our primary focus, is the impact to the consumers and their families affected by the illness. We are also keenly aware of the human toll this outbreak has taken on our industry. We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure this does not happen again.”