It’s the ultimate heartbreak for a South Dakota couple.
Their daughter has died after contracting E.coli.
One week ago little Adorah Montgomery started showing symptoms of E.coli. and early Thursday morning, she passed away.
Her dad, Alex Montgomery told KSFY, “She was a beautiful, beautiful, little girl. ”
Last week, the toddler started showing symptoms of E. coli poisoning. Her older brother was also ill. Two year old Reagan had diarrhea and flu-like symptoms, but soon recovered. His little sister didn’t fare as well.

The Montgomery’s were told it was okay to travel with Adorah, but it was on a trip to a family reunion in Rapid City that the toddler took a turn for the worst and Alex Montgomery made a startling discovery.
He said, “She had a huge, red, bruisy-looking welt-type bruise on her back. And then we went right to the emergency room. ”
When doctors determined the baby had a severe case of E. coli, they had her flown back to Sioux Falls. Adorah’s kidneys had failed, and soon she was on life support. The Montgomery’s say doctors did all they could do, but the little girl passed away at about 2:30 Thursday morning.
The Montgomery’s still don’t know how their children contracted E. coli. It’s a bacteria that’s found in the G.I. tract of cattle and is most commonly spread in uncooked ground beef.