The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has released a report detailing an investigation that traced an E. coli outbreak to the Crossroads Farm Petting Zoo at the N.C. State Fair, according to WNCT-TV.
At least 106 people became infected with E. coli after attending the Crossroads Farm Petting Zoo at the Fair.
Since 1998, at least seven E. coli outbreaks have been traced to fairs. A 2003 study by USDA found E. coli was not only commonly present at fairs but that levels of the bacteria were similar to those found in commercially reared livestock.
E. coli bacteria is found on feces, and people become ill if they eat food or drink water containing the bacteria. The disease can be contained by isolating E. coli patients and careful hand-washing.
There have already been four lawsuits against the Crossroads Petting Zoo, not just associated with their presence at the Fair.