The Olympian reported today that the health of an Olympia toddler who was hospitalized with E. coli is improving.
Samantha Hatcher, 2, was in satisfactory condition Monday at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, according to a hospital spokeswoman.
Hatcher was admitted to the hospital after she began vomiting and having bloody diarrhea. She also was having trouble producing urine, which is a complication caused by E. coli.
Meanwhile, two other cases have cropped up in Thurston County. The children — a teenager and a preschool-age child — don’t need to be hospitalized. None of the cases are linked, said Diana Yu, county health officer.
Officials are continuing to investigate how the children became infected. They have ruled out the tap water at the Hatchers’ apartment, Yu said.
E. coli infections are not uncommon, especially during the summer, Yu said. Since January, six cases have been reported, with victims ranging in age from 2 to 87. Last year, there were eight cases.