One family has found E.coli and salmonella in some unexpected places: fruits and vegetables.

Ten years ago, like most nights, Rita Bernstein served her family salad for dinner: lettuce that came out of a bag, supposedly already washed. In a matter of days, her daughters Haylee and her sister were in the hospital, sick from E.coli on the lettuce.

Haylee endured brain surgery, dialysis and now she’s a diabetic.

Unfortunately, Haylee’s story isn’t the only one of its kind. According to the FDA, there have been at least 19 E.coli outbreaks in lettuce since 1995; 425 people have become seriously ill and two have died.

Bacteria aren’t just a concern with lettuce. Melons can carry salmonella on the outside, and if you don’t wash it, what’s on the outside will seep into the inside.

The FDA reminds consumers that washing is the key to keeping foodborne illnesses at bay.