The Freedom Raleigh Bureau reports that North Carolina state agriculture officials will be implementing safety measures aimed at protecting fair-goers to prevent a reoccurence of last year’s E. coli outbreak at this year’s State Fair.
The Fair will be installing wash stations at the petting zoo and at four other animal exhibits. Each station will consist of four sinks with water, soap and towels.
In addition:
• Metal fencing in the petting zoo will separate fair-goers from animals and their bedding to minimize or eliminate contact with manure, which can contain the E. coli bacteria. Fair-goers will still be able to reach over the fence and pet the animals, just not walk with them.
• Fair-goers will not be allowed to bring strollers, pacifiers, sippy cups, baby bottles, food or drinks into the petting zoo.
• More than 200 signs with colorful graphics will warn guests of the risks associated with animal contact and urging them to wash their hands after visiting the animal exhibit areas. Signs will be in both English and Spanish.
• Staffers will be roving through animal exhibits encouraging fair-goers to wash their hands.