Health inspectors have closed the doors of George’s Burgers and Subs on Henderson Highway after it failed to comply with health orders made in the wake of the city’s outbreak of E. coli. The burger joint is one of four restaurants in the city connected to the outbreak, which has made 40 people sick since June, including 14 who required hospitalization.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority medical officer Dr. Pierre Plourde said three of the restaurants – Mrs. Mike’s, V.J.’s Drive-In and the Dairi-Wip Drive-In – had responded to inspectors’ orders when a spot check for compliance was done 24 to 48 hours later. However, the Henderson Highway George’s outlet had not and was closed late Friday, Plourde said.

At least two people remain in hospital with the illness, which causes severe stomach cramps, bloody diarrhea and in extreme cases can cause kidney failure.

The WRHA encourages people to be careful preparing their food, and about the cleanliness of the establishments where they eat. While 60 percent of the E. coli cases diagnosed in August have been traced to meat sold by the Dutch Meat Market, there are 40 per cent of the cases which are as yet unsourced.

The Dutch Meat Market was cleared of any wrongdoing in the outbreak and officials are now looking for the rendering plant and farm where the beef originated.