The King of Prussia Courier reports that Taco Bell has reopened several restaurants that were implicated in the recent E. coli outbreak.

“Early on, Taco Bell came out and said they had a culture match of the E. coli on the green onions and pulled all the green onions out of their restaurants and then fired their supplier,’ said Bill Marler, a Seattle attorney who is representing victims of the outbreak in litigation against Taco Bell and its produce supplier.

 “It looked logical that it was the green onions, because why would Taco Bell do that? But apparently when the FDA came in, they found that the E. coli test was wrong,” he noted. “Their interviews with the victims indicated that lettuce was the most likely source of contamination.”

More than 70 cases of E. coli have also occurred recently at the Taco John chain of Mexican restaurants in the Midwest. "The Taco John outbreak in Iowa and Minnesota, at last count, had official numbers that are more than the Taco Bell outbreak," Marler said.